Magicalia – Race of Wonders

Jennifer Bell

Prepare to be swept across the world and into ones you never knew existed as a new fantasy series launches. Award-winning author, Jennifer Bell’s new series combines the best of adventure, danger and magical new creatures with the familiar quest to unlock family secrets.

When Bitsy’s dad is kidnapped by a woman with a giant hamstoceros, Bitsy and her friend Kosh set out to rescue him. Helped by the discovery of Magicalia, an old and powerful book of spells, the children find that they can conjure strange but useful creatures through channelling their emotions and remembering old memories.

This idea is a clever one. I think that readers will enjoy the idea of harnessing their feelings to Pokemon-style creatures. The book is quite long at 328 pages but there is a lot of energy and excitement to keep the reader engaged.

For fans of books such as Skandar and Impossible Creatures and for readers who are curious about the world of science, this is bound to be a success in upper KS2.

Published by Walker Books, 2024 (328 pages)

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton