Kofi and the Secret Radio Station

Jeffrey Boakye

Kofi and Kelvin are back in a brand- new story set in the summer of 1995. This time Kofi has discovered a secret new pirate radio station and sets out to make money from it to get himself out of another scrape he has fallen into at home. |Being Kofi, this doesn’t quite go the way he wants, and then life gets considerably more complicated when the police become involved.

Who cannot love Kofi? Readers who haven’t read the first book “Kofi and the Rap Battle Summer” will love meeting the entrepreneurial boy with his long-suffering brother Emmanuel, Gloria the big sister who will bail him out of trouble – for a price – and Kelvin his shy but talented best friend. I liked the fast pace, the wit and warmth and the originality of the 1990’s story. The attitude of the police to Kofi and his friends was a sobering contrast to the more jovial tone of the rest of the plot adding a moment of seriousness and reflection in what overall is a delightful read.

Published by Faber, 296 pages (2024)

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton