Julia Donaldson’s Book of Names

Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Nila Aye

We have chosen a lot of names in our family – with four children, five cats, three dogs and various chickens that have come and gone, there have been lots of names to choose. This is a book that would have been very helpful as well as enjoyable to help some generate ideas – scottie dogs called Ben and Nevis maybe?

Signing books as a one our most popular children’s authors is a job where you hear many, many names, both familiar and unusual. Nila Aye’s illustrations make Julia Donaldson’s clever categories clear, in a world of books and imagination.

I think this book would appeal to children and their families from around the age of two or three, and if you need to choose a name, it has no upper limit at all.

Published by Macmillan

Reviewed by Fiona McMorrow