Johnny Ball: Professional Football Genius

Matt Oldfield, illustrated by Tim Wesson

From the author of Ultimate Football Heroes comes the fourth in the  wildly popular and funny Johnny Ball series.

When 9 year old Johnny is scouted to become an assistant manager of the Tissbury Thundercats he finds that it’s harder than he thought, not to mention that his best friend has also been selected as part of the squad. However, written with laugh out loud humour, Johnny finds his way through unexpected complications as the Thundercats set out to be Prime League Champions.

This is a must for anyone who enjoys football. A story of friendship, ambition and sport enhanced by lists, tables, match reports and tactics. Readers will love the attention to detail of the matches involved and the 9 year old boy humour coupled with cartoon style illustrations combine to create a book ideal for the most ardent fan.

Published by Walker Books

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton