Iris Green Unseen

Louise Finch

Imagine if instead of feeling invisible you discovered that you really could be? From the highly-acclaimed author of The Eternal Return of Clara Hart, this is the story of Iris Green, a 17 year old student with a love for photography and a very low opinion of herself. When she sees her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend, Iris discovers that she has become invisible. Over time this leads her to a better understanding of her friends and a greater understanding of herself.

I enjoyed this book. I think that the issues of teen romance, self-esteem and navigating friendships will resonate with many readers and the original twist of invisibility creates a clever but light-humoured twist to the plot. However, despite the angst, the outcome for Iris is positive, sending a strong message that with support and trust her problems can be at least partially resolved – and it is this that makes the book so worth reading. Not happy ever after, just ‘it’s ok for now’.

Published by Scholastic, 2024 (378 pages)

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton