Interview with a Kangaroo and Other Marsupials Too

Andy Seed, illustrated by Nick East

An appealing non fiction book presented in a fictional way. This series of interviews with marsupials is factual and funny. The information conveyed explains both obvious and less obvious characteristics of this fascinating group of well known and more unusual animals. Part of a series, animals such as the red kangaroo and cuddly koala explain the threats to their survival, but these points are balanced with positive explanations about how humans could and have helped them to combat some of these issues through, for example, nature reserves and, as the bandicoot says, ‘NOT DOING STUFF.’

The animals are brought to life during the interviews and have amusing personalities – the numbat listens to the White Stripes and the Tasmanian devil is impatient with ‘DAFT HUMANS’ and describes himself as a ‘top dude’.

The illustrations are cartoon like, with enough realism to give a clear impression of the key characteristics and personalities of the animals and their environments. A How You Can Help section as well as a quiz at the back of the book are additions that support the reader to recall key facts as well as to feel empowered to find ways of supporting animal’s survival in this precarious and amazing world.

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Published by Welbeck Children’s Books

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Reviewed by Fiona McMorrow