Indiana Bones

Harry Heape, illustrated by Rebecca Bagley

This is a funny, mad-cap adventure that involves flying tuk-tuks, lost treasure, the great Pyramids, a 12-year old girl and a talking dog – welcome to the world of Indiana Bones! Aisha Ghatak, daughter of a renowned archaeologist, is on the trail of treasure hidden by the Lonely Avenger. It’s a trail that takes her across the sea to Egypt, with smelly Ringo in hot pursuit. 

This fast-paced story has plenty to commend it: readers will laugh aloud whilst hurrying to read on and find out what happens next. Mention should also be made of the accessible font and spacing which will attract younger readers starting their first longer book and complemented by the engaging illustrations from Rebecca Bagley.

Published by Faber and Faber (278 pages)

Reviewed by Justine Daniels