Impossible Creatures

Katharine Rundell

Named as the Waterstones’ Book of the Year 2023, this highly anticipated novel by the fabulous Katherine Rundell is a terrific read for children and adults alike.

The premise is the same as other fantasy novels – two children, a quest to save the world with perilous adventures along the way. What makes this stand out however, is not only the intelligently and beautifully crafted sentences which make just the reading alone such a joy, but the cast of mythical creatures who are discovered throughout the children’s journey.

Whether it is an all knowing Sphinx or a dazzling horned Al-miraj hare, Mermaids or Manticores; the book both delights and terrifies us, as Christopher and Mal (who discovers a life-changing secret about herself) cross the Archipelago to save the world.

The book has short chapters and is recommended for readers of 9 years and up. It is the first of a three book series.

Other Kathryn Rundell books we love are Roof Toppers, The Explorer and The Wolf Wilder

Published by Bloomsbury (325 pages)

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton