Human 2.0

Patrick Kane, illustrated by Samuel Rodriguez

A fascinating book covering the amazing achievements in medical engineering. From Count Gotz von Berlichingen in the early 1500s to the
Paralympians of today, this book shows how lives have been changed with human bionics.

There are clear explanations about different types of bionics and what the future may hold for medical advancement. Written by Patrick Kane, who became a triple amputee after contracting septicaemia as a baby, this book shows incredible examples of lived experience. The illustrations bring the whole book to life and help the reader to understand some of the concepts, from bionic limbs to running blades. This book is empowering and celebrates current and historical advancements as well as looking to the future. Fantastic for every KS2/3 library!

Published by Big Picture Books, an imprint of Bonnier Books

Reviewed by Tash Hyde