How to Build a Racing Car

Fran Scott, illustrated by Paul Boston

With a family of Formula 1 fans and engineers this book is just what I needed to keep up! Written by Fran Scott, presenter of Lego Masters and Absolute Genius, this book is perfect for learning the science behind F1 whilst also being a step-by-step guide to building your own air-powered car!

The clear text and accompanying illustrations take you through the forces needed to propel the car, the skills you need to make the engineering team and solutions to many problems faced by F1 car designers. The method for building your own car is interspersed with these problems and solutions allowing you to apply the skills to your own car.

A great STEM book for any budding F1 driver or engineer. The question is, do we build a low-tech balloon engine car or a high-tech bottle engine car?

Published by Walker Books

Reviewed by Tash Hyde