How the News Works

Jane Marlow, illustrated by Terri Po

This large format, colourful book is a fabulous resource to explain the news. It covers how it gets from reporter to screen, what’s real or fake and media career options. With many young people relying on TikTok as their source of news it feels timely that ITN have produced this valuable resource. How The News Works is bright, accessible and engaging – perfect for the 8-12 year old age group (adults could probably learn a thing or two from it!). The illustrations by Terri Po really stand out and make the book come to life.

How The News Works was written by journalist Jane Marlow with top tips from newsreader Charlene White. Highlights include a potted history of news, a tour of a newsroom and a quiz to find out which role you would most be suited to. The book mainly focuses on TV news as you would expect but there is mention of the radio, online news and newspapers. The glossary is super helpful as the news is probably a topic which many children know little about. We love the assignments dotted throughout the book to help readers figure out fake news or any bias. Media literacy is a hot topic at the moment so this is a great resource for the classroom.

Published by Templar Books, 2024

Reviewed by Tash Hyde