How Does Chocolate Taste on Everest?

Leisa Stewart-Sharpe, illustrated by Aaron Cushley

A non-fiction book with a twist! The sub-title – Explore Earth’s most extreme places through sight, sounds, smell, touch and taste – says it all! Readers are invited to imagine sensory experiences as they embark on a fascinating journey around the world. It’s an immersive book about adventure and exploration where the readers themselves are the explorers! 

The five senses are experienced in each of the book’s 12 extreme locations on Earth: the hottest, the darkest, the deepest, the coldest, the stinkiest and more. From the extreme heat of Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression to the frozen wilderness of Antarctica, this round-the-world adventure is packed with interest and humour, with plenty of additional information to dip into on each page. 

Written by the author of Blue Planet II, the book has colourful and atmospheric illustrations by Aaron Cushley. And there’s extra entertainment in spotting Herbert the Tarantula who is hiding in each location. And as for finding out how chocolate tastes on Mount Everest, well… the answer may surprise you! 

Published by Wren & Rook (Hachette) (64 pages)

Reviewed by Jane Walker