Her Majesty’s League of Remarkable Young Ladies

Alison D Stegert

Winifred Weatherby has dreams of being an inventor like her father. Although living at the Beacon Academy for Poised and Polished Young Ladies, she is able to communicate with him through the Weatherby Telautograph Machine that she hopes she can enter for the Young Inventor prize at the 1889 Paris World Fair. However, being a girl, the sudden disappearance of her father and her surprising enrolment into a group of girl spies whose mission is to protect Queen Victoria means that the World Fair may have to wait! An epic STEM adventure and winner of the Times/Chicken House Institution of Engineering and Technology Prize, 2021.

This is a funny, fast-paced and at times quite complex story for budding inventors and spies!! It makes you realise that not everyone is as they seem and of course the big question is – Who is Mr. Magpie?

Published by Chicken House

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton