Skye McKenna

Fans of magical stories will adore this debut novel with its marvellous mixture of boarding school setting, a talking cat, missing children and a faerie world that menaces beyond the enchanted village of Hedgeley.

Cassie Morgan isn’t sure where her mother is or why she has been left at her boarding school for the past seven years. When she is told her mother is likely dead and that she is to be sent to a children’s home, she decides to set out to find her. Arriving in the village of Hedgeley, Cassie begins her training in the skills of witchcraft. She is supervised by her Aunt Hedgewitch, who keeps guard on the Hedge, the vast forest that marks the frontier between England and the land of Fairie.

It is impossible not to love Cassie or to believe in this story. It crackles with tension and sparkles with  humour. Readers will recognise the different characters Cassie encounters and enjoy the fantasy elements of flying brooms and potions. This is the first in a series, which we highly recommend to readers in upper KS2. 

Resources for Hedgewitch

Published by Welbeck Children’s Books

Reviewed by Heidi Perry