Grandma’s Story

Moira Butterfield

A history book for young children who are just beginning to understand what the past is.

This is the story of a child’s life story and the stories of her grandparents. Curious questions are answered by each of the characters, and the richness and variety of their life experiences is gradually revealed.

The simple responses of the adults to the child encourage the reader to focus on the gentle and beautifully considered illustrations – juicy oranges squirt across the room, a much cherished guitar is found in a cupboard with a pair of very covetable pink cowboy boots, tattooed arms and a punk past all provoke conversations for those sharing the book. The pages illustrating babies through history are reminiscent of the classic Janet and Ahlberg book The Babies Catalogue – sensitive and funny.

This book is based on a strong understanding of child development and how history unfolds for children. A celebration of families and sharing connections from the past and present, to hopefully build a positive future.

Published by Walker Books

Reviewed by Fiona McMorrow