Goddess Crown

Shade Lapite

This review is by a student at The Earl Mortimer College & Sixth Form Centre

The book Goddess Crown, was honestly one of the best books that I have read for a long time. The book is set in a fantasy world, in a kingdom call Galla. The palace is in the south where the royals and lords live. They and all of the people in and around Galla, believe in a Goddess. They worship her and follow her rules. Their law says that no woman could rule Galla and all women should have a husband. Kalothia is a girl, who had grown up hiding in a forest with her guardians; Aunty, her teacher and two protectors, Nahir and Clarit. On her 16th birthday she left the safety of the forest to look for her parents. She was unaware of the world she was about to discover.

This is a fictional book, set in a fantasy kingdom, however, the writer manages to make it seem as if the kingdom really exists. All of the beautifully detailed sentences can create a perfect image in the reader’s imagination.

There is so much information to take in, but, somehow it all seems to fit together perfectly, with no confusion about what is going on. There were so many unique plot twists that I had never expected. I would certainly not be able to describe them as wonderfully as Shade had written them. Each twist surprised me more than the last.

My favourite part of the book was the slower start and the way that it gradually became quicker paced towards the end. It kept me reading as the secrets were spilled, one after another.

I would recommend this book to anybody. This book has so much detail in it. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Published by Walker Books, 2024

Reviewed by Tash Hyde