Glitter Boy

Ian Eagleton

From the Polari prize winning author of Nen and the Lonely Fisherman, comes a warm and captivating tale about friendship, loss and the courage it takes to be your true self.

James lives with his dad and life isn’t easy. His mum has left them and his much loved Nan isn’t too well. At school, James’ teacher, Mr. Hamilton is getting married – to a man! James knows his dad won’t let him sing with the school choir at the wedding. James gets bullied and called names such as ‘gay boy’ and ‘poof’, which he tries to hide from his Dad. Then there’s James’ feelings for Joel… This isn’t a story about ‘coming out’ but a story of the impact of homophobic bullying.

The author gives us a heart-breaking, yet sparkly and hopeful story which deserves a place in every school library.

Although set in Y6 this could also be read in KS3. With some potentially difficult scenarios, it provokes a range of emotional responses and clearly sets out how schools should deal with the prejudice LGBTQ+ children can face. The ending is positive and celebratory and, like James, makes you want to dance to Mariah Carey!

Published by Scholastic

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton