Everyone Sang – a poem for every feeling

William Sieghart, illustrated by Emily Sutton

This large, hardbacked book is a beautiful addition to any class library shelf. Divided into four chapters entitled Poems to Inspire You, Poems to Make You Smile, Poems to Move You and Poems to Calm and Connect You, William Sieghart offers an eclectic mix of old and new verse. 

Familiar to many adults are the traditional poems, often learnt by heart, such as John Masefield’s Sea Fever or A Baby Sardine by Spike Milligan, as well as newer poems whose themes will resonate with many contemporary child readers: Give Yourself a Hug by Grace Nicholls or I’m So Angry by Charles Waters. 

The language of the poetry will always speak for itself but mention must be made of the most beautiful illustrations by Emily Sutton. Different on every page, the colours and rich detail are a perfect complement to a lovely book.

Published by Walker Books

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton