Escape to the River Sea

Emma Carroll

Inspired by Eva Ibbotson’s famous novel Journey to the River Sea, this latest compelling tale from award-winning author, Emma Carroll, stands in its own right as an exciting post-war adventure whilst incorporating some of Ibbotson’s characters and setting. 

Rosa is sent from Vienna to England and sees out the war rather unexpectedly in a dilapidated house called Westwood. When a young scientist arrives at the house in search of old papers, Rosa persuades her to take her back to the Amazon so they can both hunt for the giant sloth. What follows is an Amazonian adventure with new friendships, suspicious men in panama hats and the most wonderful descriptions of river and jungle. 

As ever with Carroll books, the plot is engaging, the descriptions are vivid and the atmosphere is tense as the tale builds to a satisfying ending. This is such an enjoyable read and would be an excellent story to accompany learning about South America and the Amazon.

Published by Macmillan Children’s Books

Reviewed by Justine Daniels