Philippa Gregory

Philippa Gregory’s first foray into the YA genre both fits her style of writing and gives young adult readers a taste of what to read later. The first book in the Order of Darkness series is full of characters with developed storylines, and feel like real people, leading you into a world of mystery and colour. 

The Italian Renaissance and its increasing clashes between new scientific research and the ingrained religious belief of the people creates of world fit for mysteries and confusion. Luca Vera and Lady Isolde cover the Italian country, searching for the signs of the end of days and uncovering the fears and mysteries of the people the find along the way. 

A book rarely discussed in comparison to her other, adult works, Changeling should not be overlooked and provides a wonderful depiction and retelling of some of the concerns felt by those of the 1460s. 

Review by Megan Land

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Published by Simon & Schuster Children’s, 2012 (272 pages)

Reviewed by Tash Hyde