Carnival of the Spider

Kieran Larwood, illustrated by Sam Usher

From the Blue Peter award-winning author Kieran Larwood comes the third in his thrilling Carnival series. This time the action is set in 19th century France as the Prussian army is closing in on the capital.  In order to free his mother, Sister Moon, from prison, Remy has to enlist help from his mother’s former friends Sheba, Pyewacket and Inji . Together they make their way into Paris and down into the depths of the catacombs to seek a map which they will then trade with the mysterious Spider for Moon’s freedom.

This is an adventure with a Victorian steam-punk feel. It will appeal to readers who enjoy fantasy adventure but the humorous historical notes at the end of the book enable the reader to understand a little more about life in France at the time. Finally, the detailed illustrations by Sam Usher help to create a rich dramatic story.

Published by Faber

Reviewed by Rachel Bolton