Bunnies in a Sleigh

Philip Ardagh, illustrated by Ben Mantle

Bunnies in a sleigh, bunnies in a sleigh…

Ardagh & Mantle are back with their hilarious Bunnies in a Sleigh. As with the previous titles, Bunnies on the Bus & Bunnies in a Boat, there is so much more to the story than just the words. The illustrations are packed with subplots with lots to look for and go back to.

When the elves fall ill on Christmas Eve due to too many candy canes, Father Christmas needs help and who should be conveniently available… The Bunnies! Hmmm, I wonder who gave the elves those candy canes? Chaos ensues with bunnies hopping everywhere, getting stuck in chimneys, getting covered in soot and more. Despite the mayhem, the presents get delivered and even the squirrel bandits get a gift!

Fabulous rhyming text makes this a great book to share and read aloud. The illustrations are action packed and vibrant. A fabulous, fun book!

Published by Walker Books

Reviewed by Tash Hyde