Arctic Star

Tom Palmer

Following the success of After the War, D Day Dog and Armistice Runner, this new story from Tom Palmer is published by the wonderful Barrington Stoke, who produce books for reluctant and dyslexic readers. Arctic Star is a powerful, informative and deeply moving story full of lesser known information about WW2. 

Frank, Joseph and Stephen are three friends who grow up in Plymouth watching the warships travel in and out of Plymouth Sound. They enrol in the Navy and are sent to the Arctic as part of a convoy which is sailing to Russia to deliver supplies. There are gripping descriptions of freezing storms, the terror of being on a ship in enemy territory and the surprise of a few hours land-leave in Russia, which test the boys’ friendships as well as their bravery. This is a perfect book for the reader who wants an engaging fast-paced plot but which doesn’t lose any depth of feeling.

The themes of loss and friendship between the boys is delicately explored and could be used to provoke classroom discussion as could the detail of the Arctic convoy’s journey. Overall, I loved this book. It is so important for children to read about the untold stories of war and this is an excellent place to start.

Published by Barrington Stoke

Reviewed by Justine Daniels