AdventureMice: Otter Chaos

Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre

AdventureMice: Otter Chaos is a riveting new book from dream team Reeve and McIntyre. Following the intrepid young mouse, Pedro, as he sets off from his cosy home of Hilltop House, the reader is swept up in his quest for adventure, which leads him over the seven mousey seas, through a boat race, and into a terrifying encounter with an enormous otter!

This thrilling story is a sensory dream, with Reeves always grounding the reader in the tiny mouse-sized world of mermice and mouselets, where pebbles are islands full of possibility! McIntyre’s illustrations carry the reader through the text, perfectly complementing the imagination, whilst bringing key moments of action to life (the firework and whirlpool are particularly sumptuous full-page spreads to pore over).

With guiding messages of kindness, empathy and bravery, and soft touches on the topic of environmentalism – this book is a contemporary yet timeless tale. AdventureMice is perfectly pitched for a young chapter reader gaining confidence, and would work well read independently or aloud.

We can’t wait for AdventureMice: Mermouse Mystery!

Published by David Fickling Books (128 pages)

Student Review:

“Dear author,

I loved your book so much that I didn’t want to stop reading it. It was so nice because I liked when Pedro joined the Adventuremice. Pedro had a good idea and Skipper let him join in with the Adventuremice. I liked the floating library a lot because it could float. We want to read it again and read the mermouse one. The writing and the illustrations were amazing. I have read about whirlpool in another book and it was nice to hear about them in your book. I want to tell you all about the whirlpool. If you go too near it you will get swept in like in your story.

Thank you for your instructions on how to draw Pedro the mouse. We are going to try it.”

Adventuremice fun stuff to do!

Reviewed by Veronica Quinn