Adia Kelbara & The Circle of Shamans

Isi Hendrix

This is the first in an exciting new trilogy inspired by the author’s work with shamanic tribes in the Amazon & Gabonese rainforests as well as Nigerian customs, superstitions & stigmas.

This is a brilliant, fast-paced, Afro-fantasy adventure featuring a magic school and mysterious spirits. The story invites lots of discussion around colonisation, self-discovery, trust & friendship. Plus it has a map & everyone loves a map!!

Adia wants to get away from her aunt & uncle who adopted her. She lives with them in a society where people are controlled by ‘drops’ to make them obedient. Adia likes to read & spend time outside, even if being forced to collect the plant which makes the ‘drops’. To her delight, Adia manages to get an apprenticeship at the Academy of Shamans, a school filled with magic & wonder. However, when she gets there, she is disappointed to find that the school is filled with spoiled brats who have no magic!

Adia soon finds that there is more behind the school than it first appears… with twists and turns this book will have you gripped! Will Adia manage to save her kingdom? What help can a 500 year old warrior girl be? And will the Goddess overstay her welcome?

Published by Usborne Books, 2023 (318 pages)

Reviewed by Tash Hyde