A Thousand Heartbeats

Kiera Cass

As seen on TikTok!

I loved A Thousand Heartbeats. It is such a warm and loving book with lots of adventure. I particularly loved the emotions and romance in the book. I was so sad to finish it and I wanted there to be more.

A Thousand Heartbeats is a story about two castles who are enemies. A princess on the one side (Annika) and a prince on the other (Lennox). Fate brings them together and won’t let them stay apart, soon they are inseparable.

My favourite part of the book is when Lennox and Annika were stuck in a cave together due to a bad storm. They had agreed to fight each other with swords and had vowed to fight to the death. The fight had to stop as the ceiling of the cave was too low. Instead, they ended up opening up to each other and telling their darkest secrets. Secrets that they had never told anybody else. This brought them closer together and they fell in love. I especially enjoyed the extra part at the end of the book when they had a family together. It was very sweet and was like the cherry on the top of the cake. An amazing book.

I think the only bad part of this book is that it is so good I almost cried when I finished reading it. Perfect for me as I love romance and reading.

Published by Harper Collins Children’s Books

Review by student at Earl Mortimer College

Reviewed by Tash Hyde