A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Holly Jackson

As seen on TikTok & featured in Heartstopper on Netflix, this book is also being adapted for TV by the BBC.

Five years ago Andie Bell was murdered by Sal Singh. Case closed… or is it? Pippa FItz-Amobi decides to investigate the case for her EPQ project. She enlists the help of Sal’s brother Ravi to uncover the truth. The list of questions as to what happened gets longer as Pip starts to look into it, she receives threats to make her stop but she is tenacious and keeps going until she finds answers.

This debut YA novel has twists and turns and really grips you as Pip gets herself deeper into the case. You need to suspend your beliefs for a while as there are several elements of the story which are pretty far-fetched but overall it’s a good read.

The story features drugs, drink spiking, rape, murder and death so is definitely aimed at the YA market. Great book for all the true crime fans!

The sequels Good Girl, Bad Blood & As Good As Dead are now available

Published by Electric Monkey

Reviewed by Tash Hyde