A Germ’s Journey – a fight against resistance

JW Glover, illustrated by Abbie Law

This graphic novel is pretty unique in that it’s also an educational choose your own adventure story. The reader is given the power to make choices in order to fend off germ villains trying to plague everyone with their nastiness! The book is an accessible way to understand the difference between a virus and bacteria. Depending on the choices made the bacteria may win and become resistant to antibiotics or the reader wins and makes sure the correct treatment is given. There are clear explanations of different antibiotics and why they need to be used correctly.  

A Germ’s Journey presents key information in an interesting format, ideal for use within homes, schools and medical settings.  It would also be a useful tool for adults who may not understand why antibiotics are not always the answer.

Published by Medina Publishing & De Montfort University Leicester

Created by Prof Katie Laird, Prof Sarah Younie & Sapphire Crosby

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Reviewed by Tash Hyde