A Best Friend for Bear

Petr Horacek

A beautifully illustrated picture book for younger children, about finding a friend. Black Bear meets Brown Bear whilst on his search and together in the woody, wild landscape, they find out what having a friend is about.

The emotional journey for Black Bear is complicated and this is largely revealed in the spirit of all great picture books, through the illustrations. His scribbly face and body magically show the range of emotions from fear to excitement, caution and happiness.  Brown Bear is a friendly, supportive companion and a comforting presence, enjoying the journey and smiling throughout….maybe what all children need as they learn to build relationships beyond their family.

The happy ending is charming and humorous, and prompts thoughts about how we know a friend is a friend. This book would be a great addition to any child’s book collection.

Published by Walker Books

Reviewed by Fiona McMorrow