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Everyone Sang – William Sieghart and Emily Sutton

Published by Walker Books This large, hardbacked book is a beautiful addition to any class library shelf. Divided into four chapters entitled Poems to Inspire You, Poems to Make You Smile, Poems to Move You and Poems to Calm and Connect You, William Sieghart offers an eclectic mix of old and new verse.  Familiar to […]

The Chime Seekers – Ross Montgomery

Published by Walker Books Yanni isn’t happy. Together with his screaming baby sister who seems to take all his parents’ attention, he has had to move to the cold and unwelcoming Fallow Hall, a house with a sense of mystery and magic. Left alone with his cousin Amy, Yanni is caught in the magic of […]

The Great Dream Robbery – Greg James and Chris Smith

Published by Puffin The best-selling creators of Kid Normal, Greg Smith and Chris Smith, are back with a fantastic and funny new story The Great Dream Robbery that children will love. Maya’s dad, eccentric scientist Professor Dexter, is trapped in his own dream by the cunning, unpleasant Lilith Delamere. Befriended by inventors Toby and Bea […]

Kids Fight Climate Change – Martin Dorey

Published by Walker Books Kids Fight Climate Change by Martin Dorey is a densely-packed colourful handbook filled with practical activities (“missions”) for children to participate in. Its premise is simple – the planet needs our help, and by taking on one of 16 different missions, from counting your carbon footprint to keeping a patch of […]

The Week at World’s End – Emma Carroll

Reviewed by Sophie, age 14 The Week at World’s End is an interesting book set during the Cold War about a runaway, a friendshp and a day when the world held its breath. It is a good book and there were a lot of really brilliant plot twists. It was a quick, easy read with lots […]

The Dot – Peter H. Reynolds

Published by Walker Books Vashti says she can’t draw. One day her Art teacher, with gentle encouragement, gets her to draw a dot, and sign it. This is a beautiful story. It’s a story to inspire children to focus on what they can achieve and it’s a story which will remind parents and teachers how […]

Shadowghast – Thomas Taylor

Published by Walker Books Shadowghast, the third book by Thomas Taylor involving Herbert Lemon and Violet Parma is set in the aptly named Eerie-on Sea.  On the eve of Ghastly Night, Herbie, living and working as the “Lost and Founder” in the Grand Nautilus Hotel, is introduced to a great magician who claims he belongs […]

Indiana Bones – Harry Heape

Published by Faber and Faber This is a funny, mad-cap adventure that involves flying tuk-tuks, lost treasure, the great Pyramids, a 12-year old girl and a talking dog – welcome to the world of Indiana Bones! Aisha Ghatak, daughter of a renowned archaeologist, is on the trail of treasure hidden by the Lonely Avenger. It’s […]

Mystery of the Night Watchers – A. M. Howell

Published by Usborne Publishing It’s 1910, Halley’s Comet is in the sky, and Nancy is taken unexpectedly to stay in Suffolk with a grandfather she didn’t know she had. Enchanted by his apothecary shop, and most of all with the forbidden cupola at the top of the house, Nancy soon realises that there is a […]

The Swallows’ Flight – Hilary McKay

Published by Macmillan Children’s Books This is a wonderful book! Written as a companion novel rather than a sequel to The Skylarks’ War, it’s a moving story set in both England and Germany about life just before and during World War 2. As the story builds, Mckay interweaves key events from the war, including Kristallnacht […]