Interview with Liz Pichon by Superfan Zach Smith

Interview with Liz Pichon by Superfan Zach Smith age 10

Zach: What book got you into reading when you were a child (for me, it’s been Tom Gates!)?

Liz: I loved The Twits by Roald Dahl and I was very keen on comics. The Beano was a favourite.

Zach: Is Tom Gates based on a real-life child? How did you come up with his name?

Liz: Tom is based on ME. I was very like him in some ways – I liked doodling too. I drew lots of pictures and he just looked like a Tom.

Zach: Tom tries to annoy Delia, but she’s just rude. My big brother is annoying and also rude, do you have any tips on big brothers?

Liz: Any tips on Big Brothers? Mmmm try doing the caramel wafer trick on him – it will drive him crazy! (It works with Club biscuits too).

Zach: Do you think you’re better at writing or drawing?

Liz: I think I’m still learning how to do both to be honest. For me the words and pictures go together – but I’ve been drawing more than I’ve been writing.

Zach: Did you have a good education?

Liz: I loved primary school – it was lots of fun – secondary school was tricky, but going to Art School was amazing I loved nearly all my time there.

Zach: I’ve just run a Readathon and really enjoyed being a Readathon ambassador for my school. Do you have any messages for children running Readathon?

Liz: YES! Well done to all of you taking part in READATHON. It’s so important to read anything you enjoy so keep it up!

Liz is the author of the bestselling TOM GATES series for 9+ readers, which has sold 2,000,000 books in the UK. It has been translated into 43 languages and has sold over 4 million copies around the world. Tom Gates: Biscuits, Bands and Very Big Plans is out now (published by Scholastic).