When Young Ambassador Hannah met author Andy Cope


Andy Cope and Hannah G
Andy Cope and Hannah G

What a Readathon Superfan says to her favourite Readathon Author  Ambassador at QMC Nottingham:

Welcome to this joint blog, written by me Hannah (yes, the really smiley one in the picture) and me Andy (the older less good looking one)

Hannah first. This is all new to me, I have never blogged before, oh well…here goes…

On a past day, another place, a different hospital (QMC Nottingham for those who don’t know), the same person (Me, Hannah G) met Andrew Cope (author of Spy Dog, Spy Pups and Spy Cats, for those who don’t know).

As a fan of Spy Dog, with 15 books in my collection so far, I was ecstatic! With 36 prepared questions I nervously waited for Andrew Cope to arrive at the QMC school room. Tick, tock, tick, tock went the clock. I waited, I waited some more, then…I saw him talking to the teachers and I almost jumped out of my chair with excitement!

I got him to sign ALL my books while we waited for the other kids to come. YES…1 aim complete.

When everyone else arrived, Andrew Cope went through an amazing slide show of how he wrote and what inspired him and most importantly the Melonie story! A few times Andrew Cope forgot the names and he pointed to me and I shouted out the names! He didn’t catch me out once!

Before he left he gave each of us a book and we each had a photo. I also got him to answer ALL 36 of my questions. He challenged us to each write a story in order to win a Spy Dog t-shirt. I had to fit as many names of chocolate bars and sweets inconspicuously into my story. I managed 76!!! But only came second in the challenge. Sob, sob, no t-shirt for me. Hint, Hint Andrew …I WANT ONE…please!

It was an EPIC afternoon. Thanks Andrew and thanks Readathon.

By Hannah G

Now, over to Andy:

And we thought it might be interesting to find out what it’s like from the authors point of view? You see, writing can be a lonely thing – all that sitting at a laptop trying to dream up story lines for Spy Dog. You end up feeling a bit sorry for yourself. And then we get invited to events – schools mostly, or libraries or book festivals. And just occasionally I get invited to a weird kind of school because it’s in a hospital. Nobody likes hospitals, right? Queen’s Med in Nottingham is like a small city, so I parked up and got lost, tutting to myself and grumbling as I sulked towards the ‘school’.

As I was walking to the staff office I went past the classroom and there sat Hannah. It’s rare that you see such a smile. I mean, check it out! And it came with a wave and a squeal. So I poked my head in and said ‘Hi’. This is when I discovered that Hannah’s condition was contagious! I immediately caught her positivity and enthusiasm. Forget the staff office, this is where I want to be, chatting to Hannah, feeling uplifted and inspired.

She really did have 36 pre-prepared questions! I’ve no idea how long I was there? I can’t remember actually speaking? Just being chatted to, nodding and, most of all, grinning like an idiot. I bounced back to my car, rejoicing in an afternoon well spent.

So thank you from me to Readathon and QMC for inviting me. Massive thanks to all the kids who attended my author talk, but especially to Hannah. Just so you know, your happiness spread from you to me, to my family and most likely to any hospital ward you’ve ever been on. A very special tee-shirt is on its way.

And for the rest of us who are grumbling about a sniffle or a drizzly day, Hannah has taught us about getting a positive perspective. Life is the ultimate special occasion!

Spy Dog
Spy Dog


Andy C