Read to recharge, read to succeed!

FREE virtual author event with Dr Alex George – A&E doctor, author and mental health advisor to the Government.
Dr Alex George: A Better Day
The benefits of reading for improving mental health and life chances have never been more important. Thousands of schools run Readathon because it’s a proven, fun way to get pupils reading for pleasure, bringing communities together to help boost well-being and attainment. It’s the perfect way to get good reading habits going with your pupils for the start of the new school year and beyond!
Alex’s debut book for children, A Better Day, is a mental wellness toolkit covering everything from peer pressure, anxiety and school stress to some practical tips and techniques we can use to look after our mental health. 
“This book is about mental wellness. We’re talking about the thoughts, feelings and actions that help us to make sense of ourselves and the world around us. Mental health can mean lots of things, and by learning to connect with what’s going on inside our minds, we can turn it into a force for good…” Dr Alex George (2022)
This event runs for 35 minutes and is aimed at children aged 9-11, especially those just starting in year 6 and year 7.

“Children who are the most engaged with literacy are three times more likely to have higher levels of mental well-being than children who are the least engaged (39.4% vs 11.8%).”

National Literacy Trust 2018