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Readathon works hand-in-hand with schemes like Accelerated Reader, motivating pupils to take part

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Readathon, the UK’s biggest sponsored read, has been motivating children to read for 30 years. It can be run as a stand-alone event but it’s also a fantastic addition to school interventions like Accelerated Reader and other reading schemes.

The challenge for many reading interventions is encouraging reluctant readers to start reading in the first place. But we know what motivates children to read and it’s really simple!

With Readathon, “reluctant readers” are motivated to start reading and keen readers read more widely because they are motivated to help seriously ill children.

Half of schools running Readathon are secondary schools because it is especially effective at encouraging Year 7,8 and 9 pupils to find authors they enjoy, complete whole books and explore different forms of reading.

Readathon gives your pupils the extra motivation they need to start reading – it does these amazing things:

  • Motivates children of all ages and abilities (primary or secondary) to read for pleasure
  • Engages pupils in community
  • Provides free books to participating schools
  • Gives your school access to Readathon’s exclusive prizes and rewards

Readathon can be run at any time of year, and for as long as you like. Most schools run it for 3-4 weeks, often kick-starting a life-long habit of reading.

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