Year 7 Bags

Pupils at King Henry VIII School are encouraged to challenge themselves

After all the planning and anticipation, I was almost expecting a fanfare when I arrived in school this morning for the first day of Readathon.  I’m just going to blame the lack of one on the fact that I arrived late after visiting another school’s recently refurbished Library and battling the West Midlands gridlock.

Some Librarians are doubtful about the benefits of Readathon, fearing that its focus is on the number of books read rather than the quality of the reading.  I try to overcome this by suggesting to pupils that their aim is to challenge themselves. So if they don’t regard themselves as readers, the important thing is to simply read as much as possible for pleasure.  If they are avid readers, perhaps it’s time to move on to meatier books that will develop their vocabulary and thinking.  If they’re tackling something meaty and long, they can be sponsored per chapter.  The marvellous thing about Readathon is that it is so flexible and each pupil can choose for themselves a suitable challenge.

bagsA pile of bags at the entrance to the Library means that a Year 7 class are in residence …..


 Helen Cooper, Librarian

King Henry VIII School,